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Car Parking Licence Plate Recognition, Under Vehicle Surveillance System and Guidance Systems

Car Park Occupancy Detection and Vehicle Guidance Systems, detect the presence of the vehicle in the parking spaces reserved for vehicles. Illuminated direction signs inform drivers of empty spaces.

Under-vehicle imaging Systems, that are used to check images that was recorded from the bottom side of vehicle on access control point  and detect any explosive devices that should not be under the vehicles.

The license plate recognition system is a system that analyses the images of cameras to recognize the license plates of the vehicles. The barrier is opened automatically for subscribers thats are already registered in the system. The system that is integrated with the parking database, checks the licence plate number and it here is any black list detection, the entry is not allowed.

Entry and exit control systems can be set up with or without a ticket in paid parking areas. Configurations are made to allow the driver of the vehicle to get the ticket from the device at the entrance and to pay the fee during the exit.

If there is no ticket application in system, the license plate number of the vehicle is read and recorded to the system during enterance and barrier is opened. At the exit, the plate is read again and the stay time is and the fee is calculated automatically.