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Fire Dedection, Fire Alarm, Firefighter Emergency Phones and Earthquake Detection Systems

Earthquake Detection Systems
They are the devices that automatically cut off the natural gas used in the building, in case of tremors at the values specified in the TSE Standard.  At the same time, it also disables the electrical installation and eliminates electrical risks.

In some Systems, Inputs of the gas alarm dedectors, smoke dedectors  can connect to the gas cutting devices. In this case, the devices that are connected to contact output, can be controlled during any other alarm situation also.

Fire detection and warning systems
Fire detection and warning systems are necessity in buildings, to minimize the damages that may occur during a possible fire situation. Early detection and warning people is too important in terms of life safety.

Our technical team in fire systems; install the the systems that protect people and buildings by using the suitable products and cabling with correct application, correct product placement and also provides high quality fire alarm system projects by using the most appropriate technologies

Firefighter telephone system
Firefighter telephone system is used to provide evacuation during a possible fire situation in complex structures like high floor buildings, shopping centers, airports.

During fire event, when the headset is picked up, the phone dials the calls the management center automatically without any button pressing