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+90 216 680 07 18info@besteknoloji.com.tr

IPTV, SMATV and IP Phone Systems

SMATV uses the method of broadcast receiving from one point and transmitting to many points  to prevent the pollution of using multiple antennas in the campuses where there is a need for watching television.

Analog and digital braodcast signals are recieved, converted to suitable formats that can be used reciever devices and transmitted. In today’s conditions, service is provided over fiber or hybrid cable infrastructure in regions where TV viewing points are high, such as hotels, hospitals, site campuses and lodgings.

In today’s conditions,  analog phones leave their place to IP Phone systems. IP phone systems that provide quality voice transmission over IP; It has become more and more preferred thanks to its superior advantages and constantly developing capabilities.

Our expert staff; designs the appropriate system for the needs, chooses the right products, installs them perfectly.